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We look at learning-readiness holistically. During children’s early lives, they are shaped by three main role-players: their home, their Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre and their community. Inceba’s projects support each of these touch points to help create an environment in which children can flourish, by focusing on the body, mind and spirit.


Inceba helps children thrive by supporting good health, facilitating access to nutritious meals and helping create safe learning environments.

good health

Caring for children’s health needs will enable them to receive and process information sufficiently for optimal learning and growth.

Through our partnerships with Bril Optometrists’ Vision Box initiative and HearX Foundation, more than 500 children and other community members have access to quality, affordable eye care and hearing services.

We have also established a network through our ECD members, NORSA and the Department of Health in the Drakenstein area to identify health risks and challenges in children and refer them to the relevant specialists.

The first aid training we arrange through Dynamikos for ECD principles and teachers is crucial to ensure quick and knowledgeable action when a child or colleague is in danger.

adequate nutrition

Full tummies lead to improved concentration and energy to ensure that kids are healthy, strong and ready to learn, develop and grow.

As a starting point towards ensuring improved nutrition in young children, Inceba Trust performs annual nutritional status assessments through trained fieldworkers, which inform decision-making about necessary interventions.

Apart from training ECD cooks to prepare healthy meals in hygienic settings, we also partner with Outside the Bowl to provide breakfast porridge to more than 4 400 children every day.

Through a partnership with FNB, we help ECD centres establish food gardens on their premises that give children access to healthy food and teach them about healthy eating.

safety & security

Children need a safe and secure environment in which they can play and learn.

We support ECD centres to create such a space by complying with all national, provincial and municipal regulations. Compliance also helps them achieve the necessary status to register for and receive a subsidy from Government, which gives them the boost they need to improve their services and facilities even more.


By training ECD teachers in high-quality early learning programmes, children can progress more smoothly to the foundation phase.

opportunities for early learning

For children to flourish, be school-ready and progress smoothly to the foundation phase, they need access to high-quality early learning programmes by qualified teachers.

Through our partnership with Kinderland Academy, Inceba Trust facilitates the training of ECD teachers so that they are able to implement quality day programmes aligned with the requirements of the Department of Education.

We also train teachers to gather data about children’s school-readiness before progressing to Grade R, as well as their progress after moving on to the foundation phase. This feedback informs decision-making on early learning interventions going forward, so that we can continuously learn, adapt and improve.


Our spiritual and emotional health projects strengthen the bond between caregivers and children, improving overall development.

responsive caregiving

A child who feels heard, loved and valued will thrive in terms of their socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Through interactive learning experiences and programmes such as Legacy Dad and the Mikhulu Trust’s Book-sharing initiative, we empower, educate and encourage ECD teachers and parents to spend quality time with children. This will create a home and ECD environment in which children will feel attached, stimulated, supported and free from toxic stress. At the same time, we partner with various organisations to help build a solid spiritual foundation in the children in our ECD centres by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a weekly basis.

The spiritual and emotional health of our ECD mentors and teachers are of utmost importance to ensure that they remain passionate and engaged in the important work that they do. We host annual breakaway camps and provide crucial support throughout the year.

leadership and management

If ECD centre principals are supported and trained in financial management and improvement systems, they will be better equipped to run their ECD centres as efficient businesses and facilitate environments in which children can flourish.

Through our mentorship programme, Inceba’s team of mentors conduct weekly visits to ECD centres in the respective regions to provide them with comprehensive support and continuously monitor their progress.

Our regular engagement with quality stakeholders from government, business and civil society gives us the opportunity for shared learning and helps us mobilise additional funding and support to improve the quality of Inceba-affiliated ECD centres and related programmes.